A11.0214-B Biological Microscope, Binocular, Semi-Plan

  • Binocular & Trinocular Head Inclined 30° Rotatable 360°
  • Wide Field Eyepiece WF10x/18mm, WF16x/11mm Available
  • Achromatic, Semi-Plan, Infinity Plan Optical System Optional
  • Bright Field, Polarizing, Phase Contrast View Available
  • Halogen Lamp 6V20W Brightness Adjustable

Products Details

A11.0214 Biological Microscope -A -AT -B -BT
Head Binocular Head Inclination 30°    
Trinocular Head Inclination 30°    
Achromatic 4X/0.10    
Achromatic 10X/0.25    
Achromatic 40X/0.65(Spring)    
Achromatic 100X/1.25(Spring, Oil)    
Semi-Plan 4X/0.10    
Semi-Plan 10X/0.25    
Semi-Plan 40X/0.65 (Spring)    
Semi-Plan 100X/1.25 (Spring, Oil)    
Focus System Coaxial Coarse/Fine Focus, Minimum Division Of Fine Focusing 0.002mm, With Tensional Adjustable And Safety Stop
Nosepiece Quadruple Backward Ball Bearing Inner Locating
Stage Double Layer Mechanical, Size 160X140mm, Moving Range 75X50mm
Condenser Abbe N.A.1.25 Rack & Pinion Adjustment
Blue Filter
Frosted Filter
Collector For Halogen Lamp
Light source 6V 20W Halogen Lamp With Brightness Control
Optional Accessories
Eyepiece Wide Field WF16X/11Mm A51.0203-16A
Divding 10X, 0.1mm/Div A51.0205-10
Objective Plan Achromatic 4X/0.10 A52.0203-4
Plan Achromatic 5X/0.12 A52.0203-5
Plan Achromatic 10X/0.25 A52.0203-10
Plan Achromatic 20X/0.40 A52.0203-20
Plan Achromatic 40X/0.65(Spring) A52.0203-40
Plan Achromatic 60X/0.85(Spring) A52.0203-60
Plan Achromatic 100X/1.25(Spring, Oil) A52.0203-100
Head Binocular, Inclination Of 45° A53.0206
Trinocular, Inclination Of 45° A53.0209
Trinocular, Inclination Of 30° A53.0207-5
Dual Viewing, Inclination Of 30° A53.0203-2
Nosepiece Quintuple (Backward Ball Bearing Inner Locating) A54.0203-1
Filter Green Filter A54.0209-2
Yellow Filter A54.0209-3
Light Source Led Collector, Bright And White Light A56.0204-9
Condenser Dark Field, Dry A5D.0201
Dark Field, Immersion A5D.0202
Phase Contrast Attachment Centering Telescope A5C.0212-1
Objective, Phase Contrast Plan 10X/0.25 Php A5C.0230-P10
Objective, Phase Contrast Plan 20X/0.40 Php(Spring) A5C.0230-P20
Objective, Phase Contrast Plan 40X/0.65 Php(Spring) A5C.0230-P40
Objective, Phase Contrast Plan 100X/1.25 Php (Spring,Oil) A5C.0230-P100
Ph-I Turnplate Phase Contrast Condenser A5C.0210-1
Ph-Ii Turnplate Phase Contrast Condenser A5C.0210-4
Flashboard Phase Contrast Set A5C.0210-2
Pull Board Phase Contrast Set A5C.0210-3
Infinity Optical System Binocular Head Inclination Of 30° A53.0205-2
Trinocular Head Inclination Of 30° A53.0208-2
Centering Telescope A5C.0204-2
Objective, Infinity Plan Achromatic 4X/0.10 A52.0206-4
Objective, Infinity Plan Achromatic 10X/0.25 A52.0206-10
Objective, Infinity Plan Achromatic 20X/0.25 A52.0206-20
Objective, Infinity Plan Achromatic 40X/0.65(Spring) A52.0206-40
Objective, Infinity Plan Achromatic 100X/1.25(Spring, Oil) A52.0206-100
Objective, Infinity Phase Contrast Plan 10X/0.25 Php A5C.0216-10
Objective, Infinity Phase Contrast Plan 20X/0.40 Php (Spring) A5C.0216-20
Objective, Infinity Phase Contrast Plan 40X/0.65 Php (Spring) A5C.0216-40
Objective, Infinity Phase Contrast Plan 100X/1.25 Php (Spring, Oil) A5C.0216-100
CCD adapter 0.4X A55.0202-1
0.5X A55.0202-4
1X A55.0202-2
0.5X With Dividing 0.1mm/Div A55.0202-3
Photo Adapter Digital SLR Camera Adapter For Canon A610, A620, A630, A640 A55.0204-02
2.5X/4X Change Over Photograph Adapter With 10X Viewing Eypiece A55.0201-1
4X Focusing Photograph Attachment A55.0201-2
MD Adapter A55.0201-3
PK Adapter A55.0201-4
Adapter Input: 230V<50/60Hz Output: 9V 500mA A56.0205-1
Input: 110V<50/60Hz Output: 9V 500mA A56.0205-2
Polarizing Attachment Polarizer 360° Rotatable A5P.0210-1
Analyzer A5P.0211-1

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