A16.2614-2 Inverted Fluorescent Microscope, B,G

• 3 Holes Fluorescent Slide + 100W Mercury Fluorescent Illumination • Seidentopf Trinocular Head, Light Split Switch E100:P0 / E20:P80 • LWD Infinity Plan Objectives Bright Field & Phase Contrast Observation Supported • LWD Condenser N.A.0.3 Working Distance 72mm, Up To 195mm Without Condenser • Standard Halogen 6V30W Koehler Illumination, 5W LED Optional For Choice

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OPTO-EDU A16.2614-2 Microscopio BG de sistema de fluorescencia invertido profesional

A16.2614_01.jpgA16.2614_02.jpgA16.2614_03.jpg A16.2614 Fluorescent Microscope Observation Effect A16.2614_05.jpgA16.2614_06.jpgA16.2614_07.jpg
Items A16.2614 Inverted Fluorescent Microscope Specification -2 -4 Cata. No.
Head Seidentopf Trinocular Head Inclined 45°,  Interpupilary Distance 48~76mm, Light Split Switch E100:P0 / E20:P80 A53.2643
Eyepiece WF10x/22mm, Dia.30mm, High Eyepoint,, Diopter Adjustable A51.2621-1022
WF15X/16mm, Dia.30mm, High Eyepoint, Diopter Adjustable A51.2621-1516
WF20X/12mm, Dia.30mm, High Eyepoint, Diopter Adjustable A51.2621-2012
Nosepiece Quintuple A54.2610-N925
LWD Infinity Plan Objectives LPL 4x/0.11, W.D.=12.1mm A52.2609-4
LPL10x/0.25, W.D.=8.3mm A52.2609-10
LPL 20x/0.40, W.D.=7.2mm A52.2609-20
LPL 40x/0.60, W.D.=3.4mm A52.2609-40
LWD Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objectives LPL Ph P  4x/0.10, W.D.=9.2mm A5C.2630-4
LPL Ph P 10x/0.25, W.D.=8.3mm A5C.2630-10
LPL Ph P 20x/0.40, W.D.=7.2mm A5C.2630-20
LPL Ph P 40x/0.60, W.D.=3.4mm A5C.2630-40
Phase Contrast Centering Telescope 11x A5C.2610
Annular Spot 4x A5C.2611-4
Annular Spot 20x/ 40x A5C.2611-20/40
Annular Spot 10x A5C.2611-10
Working Stage Mechanical Stage Size 210x241mm, Round Slide Size Φ110mm A54.2601-D4
Attached Mechanical Stage,  Available For 96 Holes Plate, Moving Range 128x80mm A54.2605
Culture Dish Holder  65mm A54.2606-65
Culture Dish Holder  54mm A54.2606-54
Culture Dish Holder  35mm A54.2606-35
Holder For Blood Cell Counter A54.2606-BC
Condenser Long Working Distance, Quickly Detachable, N.A.0.3, Working Distance 72mm (With Condenser), 195mm (Without Condenser). A56.2614-D4
Illumination Koehler Illumination Halogen 6V/30W, Input Voltage 100V~240V A56.2650-20W
Koehler Illumination 5W LED, Input Voltage 100V~240V A56.2651-5W
Power ECO, Auto Power Off System. Power Off Automatically Upon User Leaving 10 Minutes, Power On Automatically Upon User Approaching Detected, This Function Can Be Shut Down Manually A56.2660
Filter Blue, Dia.34mm A56.2616-34B
Green, Dia.34mm A56.2616-34G
Amber, Dia.34mm A56.2616-34A
Grey, Dia.34mm A56.2616-34N
Adapter C-Mount 0.5x, Focus Adjustable A55.2601-05
C-Mount 0.75x, Focus Adjustable A55.2601-75
C-Mount 1.0x, Focus Adjustable A55.2601-10
Epi Fluorescence Illumination Upgrade From A14.2603 Inverted Microscope With B,G China Fluorescent Filter, 100W Mercury Lamp House 100W Mercury Power Box, Digital Disp. Fluorescent Slide 3 Holes Ultraviolet Protection Barrier China 100W Mercury Lamp A5F.2603-2
Upgrade From A14.2603 Inverted Microscope With B,G,V,VU China Fluorescent Filter, 100W Mercury Lamp House 100W Mercury Power Box, Digital Disp. Fluorescent Slide 3 Holes Ultraviolet Protection Barrier China 100W Mercury Lamp A5F.2603-4
Package Packing Size: 660mmx590mmx325mm      Fluorescence Carton Size 520x470x235mm
Weight Gross Weight: 18 kgs, Net Weight: 13.5 kgs
Note: ""In Table Is Standard outfits, "◊" Is Optional Accessories.
A16.2614_09.jpg A14.2603 Inverted Biological Microscope General Layout Diagram A16.2614_11.jpg A16.2614 Inverted Biological Microscope Accessories A16.2614_13.jpgA16.2614_14.jpg
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_02_01.jpg OPTO-EDU, as one of the most professional manufacturer and supplier of microscope in China, our sub-brand CNOPTEC series high end biological, laboratory, polarizing, metallurgical, fluorescene microscopes, CNCOMPARISON series forensic microscope, A63 series SEM microscope, and .49 series digital camera, LCD camera are very popular in the world market. _02_03.jpg_02_04.jpg

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